Student Responsibilities Ms. Mayfield’s Classes


¨   HOMEWORK COMPLETION – Homework is due at 8:20 for all classes.

o       Assignments that are not completed will receive one day of detention, 10 points off the assignment grade and turned in by the end of the day.

§        If the assignment is turned in the following day – 20 points off grade.

§        If the late assignment is not turned in first thing the following day the grade will be a zero.

§        If the teacher has to track you down because you forgot to turn in the assignment, 10 points will be taken off grade for being late.

o       Students are given one “oops” per quarter in Ms. Mayfield’s classes for an incomplete assignment. That assignment still needs to be completed. After your “oops” has been used, a detention will be assigned for each unfinished assignment.

o       A student may come to the classroom in the morning before the first bell to ask the teacher about any homework they did not understand (homework is still due that morning).


¨   BE PREPARED – It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for class. This means having all materials needed to participate in class (book, writing utensil, paper, etc.). (A student cannot use an oops to avoid returning to locker or a classroom to retrieve forgotten assignments)


¨   NAME and NUMBER ON PAPER – No name on homework = 10 points off that assignment’s grade. Also this year each student will have a number. Please put that number with your name.


¨   MAKE-UP WORK - It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for homework they missed or ask for homework in advance if they know they will be absent.

o       If you leave during the day or come in during the day, go see your teachers of classes you missed and get your work. Also turn in any work you owe that teacher.

o       Make-up work is due within 1 day of the student’s return to school unless the student was absent for more than 2 consecutive days.

o       When you are absent, if possible, work will be sent home with a sibling/neighbor. Please notify the office if work needs to be sent with another child. If there is no one to send work with, work will be left in the school office to be picked up by a parent.


¨   MISSED TESTS - It is the student’s responsibility to make-up missed exams THE DAY he/she returns to school unless 2 or more consecutive days have been missed. Exams are announced at least several days in advance. 


¨   EXTRA CREDIT – It is the student’s responsibility to ask for extra credit. There is a sign-up sheet in Mrs. Mayfield’s room. Sign your name and indicate whether you want science or social studies extra credit or both. Mrs. Mayfield will then get together extra work for you to do. Also, science extra credit is available for those who bring in aluminum cans. A maximum a 5 extra percentage points can be added to a student’s grade per quarter.


¨   CHEATING – Work that is not your own is cheating! By using someone else’s answers whether by copying or given to you verbally is wrong. Helping someone with their homework by assisting them to come to the right answer is appropriate. It is admirable when parents help their child or a student helps another when he/she is having difficulty. It is dishonest to copy or cheat on homework or exams. A student who copies or cheats will receive a zero on the assignment/exam and will also receive the appropriate amount of detentions. Students who allow another student to copy or cheat off their work will also be punished.


¨   HANDWRITING – Student’s must complete ALL work in their own handwriting unless arrangements have been made with the teacher. Homework done in another’s handwriting is equal to cheating and the assignment will be scored a zero. Also, neatness and proper spelling is important. Any work that is illegible or has many spelling errors will either be redone or have points deducted.


¨   WRITING UTENSILS – Pencils are preferred. If ink is used it must be a dark color that can be read easily. Please DO NOT complete work in red or pink. Homework will not be accepted that is done with crayon, colored pencil or marker unless the assignment indicates that these be used. Students may grade papers in any color.


¨   RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY – Don’t not get in other student’s locker, book bags, purses or other personal items without the permission of that student. Also many items in the science room are the property of Mrs. Mayfield. Please ask permission before touching or handling any items. Failure to respect private property may result in detentions.


¨   MANNERS – I know you have them – USE THEM! You know how to act appropriately in a classroom, hallway, lunchroom and recess. Failure to act appropriately may result in loss of noon hour privileges by sitting in detention.


¨   CHANGING CLASSES – Noise levels must be kept at appropriate levels when changing classes and when taking restroom breaks. Failure to reduce noise may result in detentions. Also an appropriate amount of time will be allowed to change from one class to another. Don’t piddle at lockers. Tardies may result if entering class after the teacher has started instruction. Multiple tardies may result in detention.


¨   LOCKERS – You will be assigned a locker. It is school property – TAKE CARE OF IT!

o       No locks

o       No trading of lockers without teacher’s permission.

o       You may decorate the inside of your locker. NO STICKERS. Hang items with magnets or tape.

o       No outer decorations unless artwork done for class projects and put up with teacher permission.



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